Document Reader SDK 6.6

Document Reader SDK version 6.6 is available for immediate download and can be obtained from the links below:

It is also available for download using our Regula Downloads Manager tool.

Please review the release notes and change list since 6.5 prior to installing this release:


  • New authenticity check introduced for extended validation of MRZ properties, such as size, font spacing, lines and character positions, background, and others. Currently available for document reader scans only.
  • Native integration of Regula Face SDK is extended with automatic face search by a portrait taken from the document (visual and chip) or a live owner photo after document processing. Currently available for document reader scans only. Will be available for web service processing in the next versions.
  • Document deprecation now has influence on its validity in the results.
  • ARM64 drivers for Regula document reader devices are now available.

Core SDK

  • Document detection and crop
    • Fixed an issue with recognition of documents where MRZ is printed too close to the left side, not according to ICAO recommendations.
  • OCR
    • Added support for Burmese language.
    • Added Karakalpak LCID (10012).
    • Added new symbols support to Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
    • Added new fonts support for perforated document numbers in different countries documents.
    • Fixed an issue with wrong position of the character area in results. Now the area corresponds to the original position of a specific character on the image.
    • Fixed an issue with field area calculation out of the image when applying template on the shorter image.
  • MRZ
    • New parsers:
      • Aruba ID Card
      • Bahamas ePassport
      • Chad ePassport
      • Colombia ID Card
      • Dominican Republic Passport
      • Iraq ID Card
      • Kyrgyzstan Certificate of Return
      • Monaco ID Card, Residence Permit
      • UAE Temporary Passport
      • Uganda ID Card
      • Uzbekistan ID Card
    • Updated parsers:
      • Brazil DL
      • Spain ID Card
    • Fixed an issue with reading Swiss DL on Regula 72xx devices.
  • Barcode
    • Added new parsers:
      • Argentina Registration Certificate
      • Colombia Alien ID Card
      • Cote d’Ivoire Registration Certificate
      • India Registration Certificate
      • Moldova Firearms Permit
      • Mozambique DL
      • Myanmar Work Permit
      • Nicaragua Residence Permit
      • Paraguay ID Card
      • Saint Kitts and Navis DL
      • Tanzania Voting Card
      • Uzbekistan ID Card
      • Zimbabwe ID Card
    • Updated parsers:
      • Ghana Voter Card
      • Puerto Rico DL
      • Viet Nam ID Card
      • VDS Visa
    • Fixed an issue with normalization of the code image when reading PDF417 that lead to crash in some rare cases.
    • Fixed an issue with reading 1D codes with too wide spaces between codewords.
  • Text data parsing and validation
    • Added parsing of DG11/DG12 field values into correct field types and LCID for documents from multiple countries.
    • Added personal number verification in multiple countries.
    • Added tax number verification for Brazil documents.
    • Added static text validation for multilanguage fields.
    • Improved DOI vs DOE relation check for child documents.
    • Fixed an issue with document number validity if it has low OCR probability and does not match the mask (has “?” in the recognized value).
    • Fixed an issue with the Sex field normalization from all sources.
    • Fixed an issue with transliteration of Surname and Given names, that were derived from Full Name via splitting by char case.
    • Fixed an issue with transliteration from barcodes fields for a comparison.
    • Fixed an issue with a date of expiry conversion when it is done in national language and can be also indefinite.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect validity of static text fields due to low OCR probability.
    • Fixed an issue with absence of text results after processing in some corner cases that lead to no more text results until process restart.
    • Fixed an issue with comparison of names from MRZ and Visual zone with different length personalized.
  • Authenticity
    • Added a new security check for MRZ. It allows extended checks of the MRZ zone on the image, including background, resolution, size, font spacing, lines position, and other based on the document template. Currently works with images from document reader devices.
    • Added hologram check call to the FullAuth scenario.
    • Fixed an issue with checking portrait visibility in IR when there are multiple faces on the document.
    • Fixed an issue with returning both visible images — with a hologram and not — when performing hologram check on mobile.
    • Fixed an issue with a hologram check status on timeout.
    • Fixed an issue when the BarcodeFormat check was running not for all document pages.
  • Image QA
    • Added a functionality to assess image quality of the input image set (visible, IR, UV) before processing with multiple process customization parameters. More details available on request.
    • Added the _processParam.imageQA.documentPositionIndent_ parameter for defining the necessary margin around the document on the image in percent.
    • Fixed an issue with duplicating check results.
    • Updated the colorness check NN.
    • Updated the screenshot check NN.
  • Document template description extended with information on document deprecation.
  • Added logic to fail _status.detailsOptical.docType_ in case a deprecated document is processed.
  • Added a functionality to override internal SDK config parameters via providing additional config file with values to update. This is useful for deep-customized solutions. More info is available by request.
  • Optimized work with SDK resources that allowed to speed up access to the data and reduced memory consumption on initialization.
  • Added support for the new environment variable REGULA_RETURN_SYSTEMINFO. When set to false or 0, there will be no system information returned in the /api/ping response and in the /api/process response “TransactionInfo” object. Enabled by default.
  • Added support for CMake find_package(regulaSdk) on Linux. For this to work, the regula-reader-dev package should be installed.
  • Added a capability to mark input images taken from a specific device by specifying the document reader device type via the processParam.deviceType, or processParam.deviceTypeHex, or processParam.deviceId scenario parameters. Empty by default.
  • Added a capability to ignore any parameters saved in the image when scanned from the document reader device via the processParam.ignoreDeviceIdFromImage scenario parameter. Disabled by default.
  • Added a capability to reduce output image size by specifying the processParam.imageOutputMaxWidth or processParam.imageOutputMaxWidth parameter value in pixels. Does not change the aspect ratio. 0 by default (disabled).
  • Updated the default value to 1000 dpi for the processParam.imageDpiOutMax parameter for the FullAuth scenario.
  • Added a new eRPRM_Capabilities enum member RPRM_Capabilities_FaceSearch.
  • Added a new eRPRM_GetImage_Modes enum member RPRM_GetImage_Modes_CheckVDS
  • Added a new eRPRM_ResultType enum member RPRM_ResultType_FaceDatabaseCheck
  • Added a new eRPRM_Authenticity enum member RPRM_Authenticity_Mrz
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum members:
    • gf_Finger_Left4Fingers
    • gf_Finger_2Thumbs
  • Added a recordsXml member to the TDatabaseCheck structure.
  • Added a deprecated member to the TFDSIDList structure.
  • Fixed an issue with processing PNG images with alpha channel in PDF input files.
  • Fixed an issue with processing encrypted PDF input files.
  • Fixed an issue with processing input images in gif format, also with binary palette that were not possible to open correctly before.
  • Fixed an issue with crash on cropping the portrait image in some rare cases.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added a new eRFID_ErrorCodes enum member RFID_LAYER6_WRONG_LENGTH.
  • Added new eRFID_Commands enum members:
    • RFID_Command_Session_SelectFile
    • RFID_PrivateCommand_SendData
  • Added a capability to read User Defined files from chip in scenario/session mode.
  • Fixed an issue with infinite BAC attempts in case the chip does not support it.
  • Fixed an issue with performing PACE on specific documents on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect response on the RFID_Command_SelectDeviceBySN command when there is no such device available.
  • Fixed an issue with determining data group file size led to incorrect behavior on some chips.
  • Updated the RFID_Command_ReadProtocol3/RFID_Command_ReadProtocol4 commands to run via scenario to use the same modern algorithm of reading protocol while keeping the old interface available.
  • Code quality improved.

Desktop API

  • Added a capability of performing face database search natively using Regula Face SDK by portrait from document, chip or live captured automatically after the scan. If multiple portraits are available, then face match and database search are performed in one call. If there is only one portrait available, then only database search will be performed when this functionality is enabled.
  • Added a possibility to skip VDS signature check by not supplying RPRM_GetImage_Modes_CheckVDS in processing mode.
  • Now the desktop library API is fully C-compatible.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect cropping of documents with MRZ in the RAW mode on 70x8M devices.
  • Fixed an issue with loading a library by application from another folder that led to wrong behavior as libraries with delayed load could not be found.

Desktop web service

  • Linux
    • Fixed an issue with access to the server from the network, and not only from localhost.
  • Windows
    • Migrated to .NET 4.8

Hardware support

  • Added support for Thales SDK

Mobile API

  • New parsing for Text results.
  • iOS
    • Added DocumentReaderComparison, DocumentReaderValidity, DocumentReaderSymbol and DocumentReaderTextSource, DocumentReaderRfidOrigin classes.
    • Added comparisonList, validityList, value properties to the DocumentReaderTextFiled class.
    • Added comparisonStatus, validityStatus, availableSourceList properties to the DocumentReaderTextResult class.
    • Added field, originalSymbols, rfidOrigin properties to the DocumentReaderValue class.
    • Deprecated validity property in DocumentReaderValue class, use DocumentReaderTextField.validityList instead.
    • Deprecated comparison property in DocumentReaderValue class, use DocumentReaderTextField.comparisonList instead.
    • Added alpha property to Label and Image views in custom layer.
    • Added a new property tag to the DocReader instance. Each session operation tracks tag as a part of Core context parameters.
    • Added -[checkDatabaseUpdate:completion:] method to the DocReader instance.
    • Added new processParams: disablePerforationOCR, respectImageQuality, splitNames, documentGroupFilter, processAuth, ImageQA.documentPositionIndent.
    • Added localizationHandler property in DocReader to customize localization.
    • Added condition for RFID to send data. Cancels if PwdManagementStatus received during session.
    • Added captureButton availability update. The button is disabled when in process of checking the hologram.
    • Fixed customization update when scanner is shown.
  • Android
    • New parsing for Text results.
    • Added new DocumentReaderComparison, DocumentReaderSymbol, DocumentReaderRfidOrigin and DocumentReaderTextSource classes.
    • Added comparisonList, validityList, value properties to the DocumentReaderTextFiled class.
    • Added comparisonStatus, validityStatus, availableSourceList properties to the DocumentReaderTextResult class.
    • Added field, originalSymbols, rfidOrigin properties to the DocumentReaderValue class.
    • Deprecated validity property to the DocumentReaderValue class, use DocumentReaderTextField#validityList instead.
    • Deprecated comparison property to the DocumentReaderValue class, use DocumentReaderTextField#comparisonList instead.
    • Added alpha property to Label and Image views in custom layer.
    • Added a new checkDatabaseUpdate method to the DocumentReader class.
    • Added tag field to the DocumentReader class.
    • Added disablePerforationOCR, documentGroupFilter, respectImageQuality, splitNames fields to the ProcessParam class.
    • Added documentPositionIndent field to the ImageQA class.
    • Added GlaresCheckParams class.
    • Added glaresCheckParams field to the ImageQA class.
    • Added writing Android logs to a file when debugSaveLogs parameter is enabled.
    • imageQA property got NonNull annotation.
    • Renamed Device7310Config class to BleDeviceConfig.
    • Documents database download functionality moved to service.
    • Added capability of resuming database (db.dat) download.
    • CancelDbUpdate method now requires Context parameter.

Document Reader Application

  • Added VDS check as a separate option. It is useful to disable it when there are no corresponding certificates available and there is no need to do the verification, otherwise overall status will be failed. Schengen visa 2022, for example. Disabled by default.
  • Improved PDF report. Now it includes images of all scanned pages.
  • Fixed an issue with infinite loop of chip reading when wrong MRZ is provided when PACE is performed.
  • Fixed an issue with tray icon visibility on the x64 version.


  • Added property DoVDS for setting/getting whether Visible Digital Seal (VDS) verification should be performed (boolean, read/write).
  • Added new method FPScanWithParams for running the fingerprint scan process with a possibility to provide a JSON file with parameters.
  • Improved HealthCheck method with “rfid_model_id” in response.

Web component

  • Added a separate SDK interface that will allow users to create their own UI for working with the camera.
  • Added TypeScript support.
  • Added the cameraid attribute, which allows selecting the necessary camera for video capture.
  • Added the changecamera attribute, which enables the camera change button in a circle (for devices with multiple cameras).
  • Added copyright attribute to be able to hide Regula logo if needed for customization.
  • Added objectfit attribute, which defines how the content of the video element should fill the container relative to its height and width.
  • Updated the web component event model.
  • Changed logic of displaying the document capture window. Now it stretches over the entire container in which the web component is embedded.
  • Removed the fullscreen attribute.
  • Fixed the issue with crashes on Safari in some cases when a large image was loaded for processing.


  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary frequent heartbeats on mobile platforms for online licenses.

Installation packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • Regula Drivers Package 1.8.22 included with ARM64 drivers for document reader devices.
  • Linux
    • Updated the device drivers’ package with version included.
  • Docker
    • Due to the necessity to provide patched docker images and that they should be identifiable, we updated the tag version scheme. If we need to release a patch to the version, the tag will look like: {major}.{minor}.{database}.{service}.p{number}. For example: 6.5.183667.583.p1.
    • Updated base image to the latest.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 216 included.
  • ICAO Health master list version 4 included.


  • Updated a lot of templates to include static text check and MRZ parameters.
  • Updated the “deprecated” property of corresponding document templates.
  • Includes 248 countries and territories, 11802 documents.
  • Added 573 new documents.
  • For details, see the Supported documents list.
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