IRS Client 5.0.8

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We have released version 5.0.8 of our Information Reference Systems client application. We encourage you to install this maintenance release so you can take full advantage of our most recent updates and fixes.

The application is immediately available for download:

Please review release notes and changes list prior to installing this release:

IRS Client:

  • Implemented visual presentation of coins.
  • Added possibility to use basic functions of the program, if the window “Available updates” is opened.
  • Added possibility to store view mode seting (fit in window/1:1) from toolbar.
  • Added possibility to hide Splash screen, if command line argument “-nosplash” is added.
  • Added possibility to filter documents by creation date.
  • Added possibility to download updates via http instead of ftp for better compatibility.
  • Added possibility to interrupt updates downloading.
  • Added possibility to resume downloads after interruption.
  • Added application updates availability check and user notification during application startup.
  • Improved updates downloading speed by implementing multithreading.
  • Improved updates installing speed.
  • Default service address for updates now is


To install the new version you should unpack .zip file and run the installer. If you have previous version installed it will be updated to the new one.

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