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With a constant effort to service our customers better and to make their life easier when using our products, we developed and released a special application for downloading our products.

Regula Products Downloader provides you with a number of possibilities:

  • download latest versions of all of our products available,
  • download previous versions of our products,
  • download recent updates for reference databases.

It works on Windows OS's most used by our customers: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

In order to use it, you need to make sure you have Internet connection available on your PC.

To download the product, follow the next easy steps:

  • download and run Regula Products Downloader,
  • select a product for download from the list of products (you may select multiple products at once, if you need),
  • select the folder where you would like to download the products (the system Downloads folder is already selected by default),


  • make sure the destination has enough space available to save the product,
  • click the "Start" button, 
  • wait until the download is finished,



  • once finished, a message dialog will appear, and then the downloads folder will be opened automatically where you can find a subfolder with a product installation image.



In case you don't have Internet connection on the PC's running reference databases and you still want to use benefit of updates, you can use Regula Products Downloader to download them on another PC with Internet access and then copy them to the user PC and install the updates manually from there.

To download reference database updates, you need to download the product initially, as described above, and keep the downloaded product.

For example, FDS Forensic is the product. Then in the Downloads folder you will have a subfolder named "FDS Forensic". In this folder you can find the "Updates" subfolder, where all updates will be downloaded. The same folder structure applies for all other types of reference databases.

Next, you have to repeat the steps described above (select the product for download from the list, select the Downloads folder containing the product already downloaded, click the "Start" button and wait until the download is finished).

Once the download is finished, the "Updates" subfolder will have all recent updates. You may now copy the folder to a USB drive and transfer them where needed.

Once again, Regula Products Downloader may be obtained here.



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