IRS Client Application 5.0.7

Dmitry -

We have released 5.0.7 version of client application for our Information Reference Systems. We encourage you to install this maintenance release so you can take full advantage of our most recent updates and fixes.

The application is immediately available for download:

Please review release notes and changes list prior to installing this release:

  • Fixed application exit when "Available updates" window was opened and closed several times.
  • Progress bar moved from "Available updates" button to separate panel.
  • Now "Available updates" window does not block main application window (it is no longer modal).
  • "Close" button was renamed to "Hide" in "Available updates" window.
  • Fixed "Fit in window" mode for computers with 28 inch displays.
  • When the license expires new documents will not be displayed only if they were created (but not updated) after the date of license expiration.
  • If the application is already run, launching it again will only bring to front its window, not run the second copy of it.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of "Check for updates" option.
  • The application will install to "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folder by default. Previous version of the application will be uninstalled correctly.
  • Fixed the situation when disabling automatic update will prevent from manual update.

To install the new version you should unpack .ZIP file and run the installer. If you have previous version installed it will be updated to the new one.

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