Performing Terminal Authentication.


In accordance with security requirements, I need to perform Terminal Authentication (TA).


For this, open the TCCParams.json file in the installation folder of Document Reader SDK (by default C:\Program Files (x86) or Program Files\Regula\Document Reader SDK). This file contains parameters for connecting to the TA server:

    "tccParams": {
        "serviceUrlTA": "https://:/serviceTA.svc", // just examples of what it might look like
        "serviceUrlPA": "https://:/servicePA.svc", //// just in case if you also need to perform PA

        "pfxCert": "base64EncodedCertificate",
         // OR
        "pfxCertUrl": "url to the certificate",

        "pfxPassPhrase": "passphrase"

serviceUrlTA is the service from where the certificate chain and TA signature can be requested.
pfxCert is a certificate for secure communication with serviceUrlTA in base64 format.
pfxCertUrl is the URL for the certificate for connecting to serviceUrlTA.
pfxPassPhrase is the password to open the .pfx certificate (required if the certificate is password-protected).

TCC parameters are set using the SetRFIDTCCParams method (see COM interface documentation for details).

The SetRFIDTCCParams method was added in SDK 5.4. See release notes for details.
Also, there were some changes in SDK 6.3. See release note for details.

The SetRFIDTCCParams method is called before reading the RFID chip, regardless of whether the scanner is connected or not. See documentation for details.

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