Non-standard values for the SEX field

By default, the sex field may contain M(male) or F(female) values. If another character enters this field when scanning a document, it automatically assigns the value M or F.

For example:

A SEX .jpg

We replaced the value in the SEX field with letter A. When scanning a document by default, we will get:

To get the response in the form of the original character, you need to disable the Match text field mask parameter. Here is an example of using the described method on our demo page:

  1. Open settings: 

  2. Make sure the Match text field mask check is disabled:

  3. You can also use {"matchTextFieldMask": false} in the Custom parameters field, as shown in the screenshot below:

    In this case, a request will look like:

      "processParam": {
        "scenario": "FullProcess",
        "customParams": {
          "matchTextFieldMask": false

If everything is done correctly, you will see the original character in the results:

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