Common causes of malfunctions in the work of RFID devices.

The most common reasons why RFID systems fail:

  • Another Regula reader next to the current one:
    If another reader is nearby, it can cause electromagnetic interference and affect the main reader work.
  • A reader built into a kiosk with a metal casing:
    The metal casing can interfere with the reader's signal and influence its performance.
  • Radio interference source near the reader:
    The RFID reader may experience interference if located near transmitting devices, such as mobile phones.
  • USB hub: make sure the device is connected directly to the PC motherboard.
    Connecting the device to the PC through a USB hub may reduce the signal quality. For the best performance it is recommended to connect the device directly to the PC motherboard using both USB pins.
  • Other smart card devices connected to the same computer:
    The presence of other smart card devices connected to the same computer can cause conflicts and degrade the performance of the main reader.
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