Automatic software update on the 7308 device

Alexey -

To update Regula software on 7308 devices you need to have an empty USB flash drive and do the following:

- Download to the USB flash drive, extract it and run GetUpdateFile.bat
- Copy the created .rgl file to a root directory of the USB flash drive
- Download the latest Document Reader SDK (exe) and 7308 Service using Regula Download Manager to the USB flash drive

1. Make sure the scanner is connected to a power supply by a cable.
2. Power on the device and wait for the green light on the power button.
3. Insert the USB flash drive to the device directly, after that the power light should start blinking in a moment (green/red).
4. After the successful update, the power light indicator will stop blinking and stay green.
5. Remove the USB flash drive.


To prevent the occasional infinite update cycle make sure you removed the USB from a device after the update process.

Do not disconnect, do not scan a document, do not power off the device during the update process!

The update process works only for devices made after December 2018!


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