Automatic software update on the 7308 device

To update Regula software on 7308 devices, you need to have an empty USB flash drive (minimal capacity 4Gb) and do the following:


  • Download to the USB flash drive, extract it, and run GetUpdateFile.bat
  • Copy the created .rgl file to a root directory of the USB flash drive
  • Download the latest Document Reader SDK (EXE) and 7308 Service using Regula Download Manager to the USB flash drive


  • Make sure the scanner is connected to a power supply by a cable.
  • Power on the device and wait for the green light on the power button.
  • Insert the USB flash drive to the device directly, after that, the power light should start blinking in a moment (green/red).
  • After the successful update, the power light indicator will stop blinking and stay green.
  • Remove the USB flash drive.


  • To prevent the occasional infinite update cycle, make sure you removed the USB from a device after the update process.
  • Do not disconnect, do not scan a document, do not power off the device during the update process!
  • The update process works only for devices made after December 2018! 
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