Disabling ThreadMode (7024M-5A, 7203, 7017, 7027, 7037, 7017d, 7028M)

The mode ThreadMode is used in document readers that are based on the OV5640 (OmniVison) image sensor. This mode allows sending all frames received by the image sensor to the upper level for analysis. During the reception (synchronization) of the frames, the USB bus is loaded. This load can cause the software and/or the device to hang on computers with low technical characteristics.

There are some situations when:

  • After some period of inactivity, the reader stops responding to the document placed in it;
  • The scanning process is forcibly started in the Document Reader application, nothing happens or the application freezes.

One of the solutions in these cases is to disable ThreadMode.

  • ThreadMode – 0 (the mode is disabled – all frames are received at the upper level, but only at the moment of frame capture).

To disable ThreadMode, place the RegulaReader.json file from the archive to the folder C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Regula\Document Reader SDK.

The reasons for disabling ThreadMode may be the following:

  • In the DebugView application, numerous notifications of bad frames appear in the log;
  • The Regula software freezes;
  • The reader freezes.
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