High Resolution Scanner 3.4

Alexey -

High Resolution Scanner 3.4 is available for download using our Regula Downloads Manager tool.

Please review the release notes and change list since 3.3 prior to installing this release:

  • Added automatic activation of the live video when opening the device lid.
  • Added generation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.
  • Added the possibility to create a sublimated view of a hologram by overlaying separate images of visualized areas.
  • Added possibility to change capture parameters in the OVD mode.
  • Added support for Arabic.
  • Added export/import of light source settings.
  • Added comparison of two images (in white light and with visible photochromic effect after exposure to UV light).
  • Added possibility to use the application without a connected device.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when working with the image in the preview window.
  • Fixed issue of getting a mirror image in the OVD mode.
  • For the user's convenience, changed the brightness of the light when the lid is open.
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