Using of eInputFaceType

There are several possible values of eInputFaceType variable:

  1. ift_DocumentPrinted = 1 – image from a visual zone of a document;
  2. ift_DocumentRFID = 2 – image from a RFID chip;
  3. ift_Live = 3 – live picture from a web camera;
  4. ift_LiveWithDoc = 4 – compares all faces on one image with each other, for example, a photo of a person showing their passport (or any other document) photo:

  5. ift_External = 5 – any other type or type is not defined, for example a selfie:


You should send the type of the processing image in request, otherwise, we use the default value (type:3 Live). We use slightly different algorithms for each type of image, so the more accurately you specify the type of document being processed, the more accurate the results will be.

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