How to update camera reader bootloader


Driver version starting from is needed.

Please follow these steps, to change the bootloader version:

  1. Make sure you are using latest version of Regula SDK. You can download latest version of SDK via Regula Downloads Manager.
  2. Check whether the device is connected to the PC and whether it is displayed in Device Manager.
  3. Download UpdateBootloader archive.
  4. First of all please, check the bootloader version you have. In case, it's different from B0, please update it. To perform scanning for all connected devices and define their bootloaders' types - run the rglscan.bat(step1) file:
  5. To perform rewriting of the EEPROM memory on all the connected devices with the transferring to the bootloader type B0 - run the rgltob0(step1) file:
  6. Now you can check the new bootloader version by running rglscan.bat (step 2) file again:
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