Document Reader SDK 6.5

Document Reader SDK version 6.5 is available for immediate download and can be obtained from the links below:

It is also available for download using our Regula Downloads Manager tool.

Please review the release notes and change list since 6.4 prior to installing this release:


  • Introducing complete server-side verification for electronic document chip. While reading is performed on mobile via NFC, the server is involved in the process for generation and storage of session keys and challenges. This allows further reprocessing of the captured reading session in the “zero-trust to mobile” model to validate the chip and its data authenticity and validity via Chip Authentication, Active Authentication and Passive Authentication on the server-side.
  • Introducing a new step in security checks automation: automatic validation of Invisible Personal Information (IPI) presence. Before it was possible only to visualize IPI, and now it is possible to automatically assess its presence on the image in a specific area (portrait). This is a powerful feature against counterfeit documents, especially the ones with a replaced photo. 
  • Improved Photo substitution check: new approach to detect various techniques of replacing the photo in the original document automatically. Currently applied to specific documents, will be rolled out to the whole database in upcoming versions.
  • Introducing out-of-the-box online processing mode for mobile SDK. You may capture data on mobile and run processing/reprocessing on the server in one simple call.

Core SDK

  • Document detection and crop
    • Added support for high resolution images from Regula 88xx devices.
  • Document type recognition
    • Fixed the issue when the ID card had blank reverse side without any data and could not be recognized which led to overall status failure.
  • OCR
    • Improved OCR for Croatia LCID.
    • Fixed probability threshold for mask alignment.
  • MRZ
    • New parsers:
      • Montenegro ID Card
      • Montenegro Temporary Residence Permit
      • Morocco DL
    • Updated parsers:
      • Lithuania Status Certificate
      • Mexico Voter Card
      • Nicaragua ID Card
      • Slovakia DL
    • Refactoring of the logic for frame series mode recognition.
  • Barcode
    • Added new parsers:
      • Argentina DL
      • Benin Voter Card
      • Colombia Registration Certificate
      • El Salvador ID Card
      • Ethiopia DL
      • Honduras ID Card
      • Mexico DL
      • Mexico Commercial DL
      • Mexico Voter Card
      • Myanmar DL
      • Niger DL
      • Nigeria ID Card
      • Philippines Police Card
    • Updated parsers:
      • AAMVA DL/ID Card
      • Colombia Residence Permit
    • Greatly improved reading of 2D codes (QR Code, Aztec, Datamatrix).
  • Text data parsing and validation
    • Added USA IIN check vs Jurisdiction between VIZ and Barcode.
    • Added parsing of personal number, voter ID and extensive logical data checks for Mexico Voter Cards.
    • Added parsing and validation of personal number in Albania, Korea.
    • Added capability to verify static text presence in text data fields according to the template (with multiple options included as well).
    • Added transliteration of ft_Authority and ft_Surname_of_Spose to Latin from any non-Latin language if there is no such field present in Latin.
    • Added capability to join separate fields into new fields of another field type. For example, document series + booklet number = document number.
    • Fixed issue with generation of calculated fields out of other fields for multiple sources instead of one.
    • Fixed issue with partial comparison between MRZ and VIZ, when a value in VIZ had dividers.
    • Fixed issue with ft_Height field validity if it contains words instead of numbers.
    • Fixed issue with not removing “GEB.“ from ft_Surname_at_Birth after recognition.
    • Fixed issue with calculating ft_Date_of_Expiry using ft_Date_of_Issue and validity term.
    • Fixed issue with validation of the ft_Sex field if the value is not matching the mask.
    • Updated country names:
      • Republic of North Macedonia -> North Macedonia, Republic of
      • Swaziland -> Eswatini
  • Authenticity
    • Added capability to automatically verify IPI presence. Before, IPI check status was always OK and required manual inspection of the visualization. Now status will be set based on the image contents. If no IPI is detected, the status will be set to FAIL. Currently enabled for specific documents. In future versions will be rolled out to the rest of the documents with IPI.
    • Fixed issue with IR B900 checks on wrongly captured IR images (fully dark).
    • Fixed issue with running IPI checks on low resolution images. Now only images with ~400 DPI and over will be checked for IPI presence, due to the nature of the feature itself.
    • Fixed issue with resource storage in the database for hologram checks.
  • Image QA
    • Improved screen capture detection quality.
    • Improved image colorness detection quality.
    • Added detection of handwritten text in the registration stamps on the passport pages.
  • Document template description extended with information on which page is the main one in a multipage document for correct sorting of the pages in results, when there is no MRZ and each page has a portrait.
  • Added a new eRPRM_DeviceTypes enum member RPRM_DeviceType_Desko.
  • Added a new eRPRM_Capabilities enum member RPRM_Capabilities_ServerSideRFID.
  • Added a new eCheckDiagnose enum member chd_FieldPosCorrector_PhotoReplaced.
  • Added new eGraphicFieldTypes enum members:
    • gf_Finger_Right4Fingers
    • gf_Finger_Left4Fingers
    • gf_Finger_2Thumbs
  • Fixed issue with MrzAndLocate scenario finishing without MRZ results in multipage scanning mode.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added functionality to generate session keys and challenges and their storage for CA and AA on the server-side while performing chip reading on the mobile-side via NFC. This allows further reprocessing of the captured session on the server. We use on premise Minio installation as S3 compatible storage. You can find more details in documentation on installation.
  • Added functionality to reprocess captured chip reading sessions on the server using previously saved session keys and challenges by the session ID and perform Chip Authentication and Active Authentication on the server.
  • Added possibility to set up some parameters via scenarios that were available for setting only via SDK commands:
    • "DefaultReadingBufferSize" matches "RFID_Command_SetTransferBufferSize"
    • "OnlineTAToSignDataType" matches "RFID_Command_Set_OnlineTAToSignDataType"
    • "Use_SFI" matches "RFID_Command_Set_UseShortFileID"
    • "StrictProcessing" matches "RFID_Command_SetDataProcessingLevel"
    • "PKD_DSCert_Priority" matches "RFID_Command_Set_UseExternalDS"
    • "PKD_UseExternalCSCA" matches "RFID_Command_Set_UseExternalCSCA"
    • "TrustedPKD" matches "RFID_Command_Set_TrustedPKD"
    • "ProfilerType" matches "RFID_Command_Set_ProfilerType"
  • Added contents of EF.SOD to notification callback for obtaining “PA_Resources”.
  • Added new eRFID_DataFile_Type enum members:
    • dftPostCA_Response
    • dftPostCA_PublicKey
    • dftPostCA_Info
    • dftPostCA_DParams
    • dftPostCA_Check_PK
    • dftPostCA_Check_SK
  • Fixed issue when access denied to reading EF.CardAccess failed the session without switching to BAC.
  • Fixed issue with no way to reduce reading buffer size below default, which led to chip reading errors in some specific chip and some reader combinations.
  • Fixed issue with endless loop of reading retries when chip was already not available in some specific cases.
  • Fixed issue with reading files via Short File ID.
  • Fixed issue with correct file length calculation and optimization for reading with ExtLe.
  • Fixed issue with repetitive Master File selection after unsuccessful reading of service files (EF.DIR, EF.CardAccess, EF.ATR/Info).
  • Fixed position of dftApp_Directory in XML results.

Desktop API

  • Fixed issue with getting RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrints and RPRM_ResultType_LivePortrait as graphical results in _CheckResult and _CheckResultFromList methods.
  • Fixed issue with uniqueness of the authenticity elements in the BSI TR-03135 XML log.

Desktop web service

  • Windows
    • Updated API to reflect latest changes in COM interface. Fingerprint scanning and obtaining results in JSON support added.

Hardware support

  • Added support for DESKO devices. As usual with 3rd party devices, the ReaderDesko.dll integration library is included in the SDK installation package and requires the vendor SDK to be installed as well. Windows only.
  • Added support for Jenetric fingerprint scanners via the corresponding TOUCHLAB SDK. It is possible to scan 4 fingers from both hands as well as specific one finger. Currently only the Windows x64 version is supported.
  • Fixed issue with 13MP/18MP Regula devices not working correctly on Linux / OS X.

Mobile API

  • Implemented online processing mode which adds the ability to perform recognition on the server side. See documentation for more details.
  • iOS
    • Added instance of RGLOnlineProcessingConfiguration to RGLFunctionality class. This configuration is used in online processing mode.
    • Added RGLOnlineProcessingConfiguration class for online processing.
    • Added forcePagesCount property to RGLFunctionality class. This value overrides the number of scanning pages for offline and online processing modes.
    • Added RGLReprocParams class. RGLRFIDScenario takes a new reprocParams property which adds the possibility to reprocess a captured session (perform AA, CA, PA in a trusted environment) on the server side.
    • Added defaultReadingBufferSize property to the RFIDScenario class.
    • Added getContainers, getEncryptedContainers methods for RGLDocumentReaderResults to retrieve encrypted containers as NSString.
    • Removed unused resolutionType property from RGLImageData model.
    • Fixed some issues related to video recording.
    • Fixed crash related to copy buffer during frame capturing.
  • Android
    • Added an instance of OnlineProcessingConfiguration to the Functionality class. This configuration is used in online processing mode.
    • Added OnlineProcessingConfiguration class for online processing.
    • Added forcePagesCount property to the RGLFunctionality class. This value overrides the number of scanning pages for offline and online processing modes.
    • RfidScenario takes a new reprocParams property which adds the possibility to reprocess a captured session (perform AA, CA, PA in a trusted environment) on the server side.
    • Added a new setDefaultReadingBufferSize method to the RfidScenario class.
    • Added getContainers and getEncryptedContainers methods for DocumentReaderResults to retrieve encrypted containers.
    • Timeout increased for network requests.
    • Fixed crash related to autofocus.
    • Fixed some minor layout issues.

Web Service API

  • Added new environment variables to support server-side verification for electronic chips:
    • REGULA_SERVER_SIDE_CHIP_VERIFICATION – switch to enable/disable chip verification logic. Disabled by default. If enabled, then validation will expect all steps to be passed and results will be returned accordingly. For example, if the chip reading session was captured on mobile without properly configured server communication, then reprocessing of this session on the server will fail, if this is enabled.
    • REGULA_STORAGE_URL – to specify the URL of S3 compatible storage to use.
    • REGULA_STORAGE_CHIP_DATA_BUCKET – to specify a bucket name on the S3 compatible storage for storing necessary data.
    • REGULA_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY – to specify S3 style authentication Access Key.
    • REGULA_STORAGE_SECRET_KEY – to specify S3 style authentication Secret Key.


  • Added the capability to use the DESKO device as a token for SDK licensing (by serial number).
  • Fixed the issue with switching to the backup licensing cloud at does not happen without an instance restart when the main licensing cloud at becomes unavailable.

Installation packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • Added ReaderDesko.dll to 3rd party components.
    • Added TouchlabFPR.dll to 3rd party components.
  • Linux
    • Updated device drivers included.
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is the minimum supported version as from now on. Ubuntu 16.04 is no longer supported.
    • Fixed the issue with installation over the already installed version of the package with the previous version for both SDK and web service packages.
  • Docker
    • Helm chart for Kubernetes deployment provided.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 209 included.
  • ICAO Health master list version 3 included.


  • Fixed issues in over 40 document templates for better quality results.
  • Includes 248 countries and territories, 11229 documents.
  • Added 433 new documents.
  • For details, see the Supported documents list.
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