How to update/repair RFID Reader firmware

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RFID Reader firmware is included in the Regula Document Reader SDK package and it's installing automatically while updating SDK. Anyway, sometimes it's necessary to update or repair RFID firmware manually.

Regula RFID reader firmware update for 21.** versions:

  1. Run as administrator RFFWUpdate.exe in the folder  C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\RFID Reader SDK\FirmwareUpdate (by default) 
  2. Click Connect Device.

  3. Once device is connected you will see a current firmware version in the "Current Version Firmware" field. Then please click Load Firmware File.

  4. In the appeared window choose and open a .bin file with required firmware version.

  5. Click Update Firmware

  6. Then you will see the dialog boxlike below. Please unplug a device from a computer USB port and a power supply, plug it back again and click OK.


  7. After successful update you will see a new firmware version in the "Current Version Firmware" field.



Regula RFID reader firmware repair:

  1. Connect a scanner to your computer
  2. Open New external drive CRP DISABLD
  3. Delete a .bin file there
  4. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\RFID Reader SDK\FirmwareUpdate and copy USBCCID_v21_**.bin file
  5. Then paste it to the New external drive CRP DISABLD
  6. Replug a device from a computer and a power source and click OK.
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