Saving results logic in Document Reader

There is a certain hierarchy of folders with saved results in the Regula Document Reader application. Let's take as an example the processing of a passport of the Belgian passport.

In total, there are 3 pages described for this document in our Database. Document Reader recognizes the numbers of these pages and adds them as pages of the same document, including the page with registration. For the system to determine that these are the pages of the same document, you should:

  • Scan pages one by one, starting with the page where the photo is. The explanation is the following: our database has a massive variety of documents: both single-page and multipage. Therefore, at the level of document description, pages of a specific document are considered as main, both main and child, and child. Main pages are recognized independently of any other pages; for child pages, processing of the main page is mandatory, and if the page is described as both main and subordinate, then it can be recognized either independently or after scanning the main page.
  • Enable the 'Multipage processing' function (go to 'Options' — 'Device' in the Document Reader application to enable it).

As a result, the logic for saving the results is the following.
A new folder is created when scanning each subsequent page, and if the system determines that the scanned page is a page of the same document, then the data of the current page plus folders with the data of previous pages will be saved inside a separate folder. As a result, if you scanned 3 pages, Document Reader will create 3 folders with all previous pages in the last folder.

Have a look at the structure below:

The root folder named owner_name_document number_folder number contains the images of the first page of the document
   Page1 (contains the results of scanning the second page of the document);
      Page2 (contains the results of scanning the third page of the document).

Furthermore, there is a 'Save recent results' option in the Document Reader application ('Options' – 'Results' – 'Save recent results).

By default, the scanning results will be placed in the C:\RD folder (this path can be customized) and cleared after the next page scanning.

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