How to extend license?

To create\extend a license for your device (several devices) or software license, we need to know a serial number\unique identifier of each device.

You need to do the following steps:

Computer with an Internet connection:

  1. Connect the device to a computer.
  2. Run Regula Licensing application (Start -> Regula Licensing).
  3. For a device license - send a request to us by clicking the button Send devices info (Send system info for a software license), specify your requirements and contact info (company, country) in comments so our manager can contact you.


Computer without an Internet connection:

  1. Run Regula Licensing application with a connected device, click Save devices info  (Save system info, if you need software license) in the application window.
  2. Send the saved file to and specify your requirements and contact info (company, country) so our manager can contact you.

Once all license details discussed, our manager creates\updates the license, and it becomes active and available for usage. 

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