Smart Card Events errors

Elijah Tahil -

It happens that sometimes you may notice several Smart Card Service errors in the Events Viewer on Windows.


Most of the time those errors stand with the EVENT ID - 610:

Smart Card Reader '%2' rejected IOCTL %3: %1  If this error persists, your smart card or reader may not be functioning correctly.%n%nCommand Header: %4


%1 = Windows error code
%2 = Name of the smart card reader
%3 = IOCTL that was sent
%4 = First 4 bytes of the command sent to the smart card

These events are caused by legacy functionality in the smart card stack. It can be ignored if there is no noticeable failure in smart card usage scenarios. 

In case any other error IDs appear, please feel free to check the following link - there you can find the complete description of possible errors.

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