Face сomparison using Regula Document Reader and an external camera

When working with Regula document readers it is possible to perform the following types of face comparison:

  • Compare the facial image obtained from the document data page with the facial image extracted from the RFID chip of the document.
  • Compare the facial image obtained from the document data page with the facial image received from a camera.
  • Compare the facial image extracted from the RFID chip of the document with the facial image received from a camera.

Software installation:


  • Download and install Regula Face Processing Service as well (CPU or GPU version, at the user's choice).



  • Connect a document reader Regula that has an active Live Face Comparison SDK license (to get the license, contact your regional manager or send a request to support@regulaforensics.com) to your PC.
  • Run the installed application Document Reader and click the "Connect" button to connect the reader.
  • Open the Options menu and configure the following settings:


Description of the settings:

  • Live comparison — comparison of the facial image obtained from the document (or extracted from the RFID chip) with the facial image captured from the video stream.
  • Auto live capture on scan — capturing video in the process of scanning a document.
  • Capture in parallel with scan — capturing video simultaneously with the scanning process.
  • Show capture window — displays the video capture window.

External Camera section:

  • Type — specifies the type of the connected video camera.
  • Camera URL —  specifies the URL of an IP camera.
  • Active device — selection of the video camera from the drop-down list of available devices.
  • Resolution — selection of the video resolution from the drop-down list.
  • Rotation — selection of the video rotation type from the drop-down list. 
  • Depth — not set (used for cameras with a depth map).

Results section:

  • Save faces — saving images of detected faces.
  • Save video — saving the video of an image capture session.
  • Capture results to scan folder — save the results to the folder containing scan results.
  • Video quality — the quality of the saved video in percent.
  • Face width threshold, % — minimum width of a face relative to the width of the video frame in percent.
  • Timeout —  maximum allowed time for capturing a facial image in the frame, in ms.

Face API section:

  • Type — type of connection to Regula Face Processing Service
    1. Local — the service is installed on the PC to which the document reader is connected.
    2. Custom — the service is installed on a remote computer in the network.
    3. Internet — in this case, requests will be sent to Regula servers (requires Internet connection).
  • Service URL — the URL ( http://localhost:41101/ or https://localhost:41101/) of Regula Face Processing Service that is used when the Custom connection type is selected. Default link - http://localhost:41101
  • Threshold — the minimum threshold for matching faces in percent; "75" by default.
  • Service timeout — the maximum allowed time to get a response, in ms.
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