How to save log, using DebugView application

To save the reader log with the DebugView application, you must do the following:

  1.  Enable the Do reader logging and Do RFID logging option in the Document Reader application settings (the Options button, the General tab in the opened window, activate the Do reader logging and Do RFID logging option):Options.png
  2. Disable option Save only incorrect scans (press the Options button, go to the Results tab in the opened window, deactivate the Save only incorrect scans):Scans.png
  3.  The DebugView application will start simultaneously with the start of the Document Reader application:


  4. Or the DebugView application icon appears in the system tray: icon.png 


    If the DebugView window does not start, start the DebugView application manually.  For SDK version below 4.12.1 only manual start is possible

    Application installation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\Document Reader SDK.

  5.  To start DebugView logging, click on Computer, select Connect local:2.png
  6. Press Capture Win32:


  7. Debug log message has the following format:

    [Proccess ID] (Thread ID) Component: {Memory in bytes } Message


  8. You can clear the record window by clicking on the Clear button:


  9. ​Reproduce the problem, save the DebugView log.
  10. To save the log click File, select Save as:


  11. You can find the RFID log in the scan result folder C:\RD (by default).
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