Transliteration of text fields cyrylic/latin

Regula Document Reader SDK allows you to automatically transliterate text fields from Latin to Cyrillic and back. 


This is not translation, but only a simple transliteration of text fields.

Document Reader SDK(x86) Document Reader SDK(x64)

Activation of feature

To activate this feature, you will need to make changes to the configuration file.

  1. Open folder:
    C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Regula\Document Reader SDK\
  2. Open in the specified folder file RegulaReader.ini
  3. Find line LexAnalysisDepth= (if such a string does not exist, create it in the [Device operations] section) and assign it a value of 32

As a result, Regula Document Reader SDK will transliterate text fields automatically.

Disabling the option

To disable automatic transliteration of document text fields, set LexAnalysisDepth= to 2


  • Example of transliteration of text fields with Latin text into Cyrillic:


  • Example of transliteration of text fields with Cyrillic text into Latin:


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