Error: Data file is missing or corrupted


The data file is missing or damaged


Make sure that you have an active license. To do this, run the Regula Licensing application and check the license expiration date in the SDK DateLimit line


If your license has not expired, follow these steps:

If your computer has Internet access:

  1. Launch the Document Reader application.
  2. Click Help -> Check for updates.
  3. Wait until the update is completed.

If your computer does not have Internet access:

  1. Download a file with a .dat extension of the latest x86 or x64 database update (according to the version of the installed SDK) from the Regula server.
  2. Place the file in the template database updates folder on the computer to which the document reader is connected. This folder is C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Regula\Document Reader SDK\Updates\data by default. Rename the file to data.dat.
  3. Delete the folder C:\Users\<USER>AppData\Local\Regula\Document Reader SDK\Updates\bin.
  4. The next time you run Document Reader, the current version of the template database will be used to work with the reader.
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