How to retrieve debug logs of Document Reader software

Dmitry Matyugin -

Document Reader SDK is capable to generate a list of system (debug) messages called debug logs. These messages describe all operations performed by the components of SDK. When a user encounters any errors or failures, debug logs can provide developers with valuable information and help them to identify and isolate the cause of an issue.

While working in normal mode, no debug logs are generated. To switch them on please do the following:

1. Enable Document Reader SDK logging. It might be possible to do it in your custom application used to operate Regula document reader. If it has no such a function, you can use Document Reader application settings. To do so run the application using desktop shortcut (if you have no shortcut try to locate it in by default path C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\Document Reader SDK\READERDEMO.exe), open Options dialog and enable the checkbox Do reader logging:

You can enable RFID logging if the issue affects reading RFID chip of a document.

To retrieve and save debug logs for transferring them to the developers you should use DebugView application delivered with Document Reader SDK. Dbgview.exe can be found in SDK installation folder:

Debug log message has the following format:

[Proccess ID] (Thread ID) Component: {Memory in bytes } Message

To provide the developers with the necessary information about the issue do the following:

  1. Enable debug logs as described above.
  2. Run DebugView before any applications that work with document reader and leave it working at background.
  3. Reproduce the issue by repeating all the actions that make it appear.
  4. Switch to DebugView and execute menu command File/Save as… Specify the filename for debug logs.
  5. Send us the file by attaching it to the ticket.
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