How to add holograms to the Regula database using the mobile application

This article contains information on how to add new holograms on request.

We have a solution that allows the user to take videos of holograms and share the results with us so that we can add them to our database.

Take the following steps to add a hologram to the database: 

  1. Download and install the demo Regula Document Reader application by this link.
  2. In the application, open Settings → Advanced → Custom Parameters
    and enter the following parameter:  {"forceHologramCapture":true}

  3. ​Go back to the Settings menu and uncheck the option Double-page spread processing:


  4. Open Settings → Advanced and enable the Hologram detection option:


  5. Open the menu Advanced → Debug and enable the options Save event logs, Save Images and Save cropped images:

  6. Select the scenario Full processing and follow the instructions on the screen:

  7. ​When the capture is complete, share the logs with us:

  8. In the message field, please specify that you would like to add a hologram and the ticket number in our support system if you have sent a request there before. Sending logs may take some time as it requires a large amount of data to be sent. So please do not interrupt the process and wait for it to finish.

  9. Once we receive your request, we will analyze the data and let you know if it is possible to add the hologram to our database.


When capturing the video, it is essential to hold the document in the hands and smoothly rotate it (it is important NOT to move the document out of the frame). It is also necessary to achieve the effect of changing the hologram pattern.

Please disregard the message “Avoid glare on the document”, as with the flashlight on, glare will appear on the document surface anyway.

Please refer to this short video as an example.

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