PA reading problem in some documents


When you scan some types of documents (e.g. UK residence permits) you get PA: False error in the RFID section, while other checks go fine.


The most probable reason for such an error is that you do not have a proper CSCA certificate. Unfortunately, the officials of some countries do not publicly distribute these certificates. You can try to contact the authorities yourself.

If you have such a certificate, place it in the folder C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\local\Regula\PKD

Please note

Our company only uses certificates that are in the public domain and does not provide other certificates.

Additional information

There is a document ICAO 9303, according to which identification documents are made and personalized. There are documents for travel between countries – passports. There are internal documents of specific countries, such as ID-cards and residence permits.

Electronic documents have a SOD in which computed hashes of data groups are stored, and these hashes are signed with a DS certificate, which is usually stored inside the same SOD. This DS certificate is signed with a CSCA certificate.
Some countries use a single CSCA certificate for all documents, while other countries use separate certificates for international and domestic documents.
That's why the PKD (Public Key Directory) of ICAO stores only CSCA for international documents.

To learn more about ICAO procedures to ensure the verification of electronic documents, please follow this link.

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