Difference of fieldType and wFieldType

Fieldtype is a structure that contains 4 bytes of the data, it includes 2 bytes for wFieldType and the other 2 bytes are wLCID.

  • wFieldType– field logical type (one of the eVisualFieldType values)
  • wLCID– ID of language-culture to differentiate one field of the same type from another

The eVisualFieldType values are described in the corresponding section of the Programmres Guide.


In this case, we are considering this number 269221896 as a decimal number, which is equal to hexadecimal number 100C0008
Splitting the number up into 2 parts: high and low, we get 100C and 0008 accordingly.
0008 - field ft_Surname (see the list of possible values under eVisualFieldType section pf the Programmers Guide);
You can also check if this result is correct in the wFieldType field. In the given example, it also takes value 8, which indicates that this field is a surname. Also by searching for a specific value of this field in the results of the processing, you can quickly make sure that the processed document contains, for example, fields such as:
Gender - wFieldType=13
Age - wFieldType=185
Visa number - wFieldType=196 and so on (see eVisualFieldType in the programmer's guide for a list of possible values)

100C – turning this number back into decimal units, we get 4108 French – Switzerland fr-CH  (see the list of possible values here).

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