Installation of Document Reader Local Web Service

Document Reader Web Service allows you to work with the SDK and control device operation via a web service. If you need to use Regula devices with web-based solutions, it is the easiest and most recommended method of integration.

Choose the type of operating system:

Windows x86 Windows x64
    1. Log in to the system as the administrator.
    2. Before updating the service, make sure that the Document Reader application has not been launched by any user. If necessary, it can be closed through the task manager.
    3. Make sure, that no process or application is using the selected port (80 or 443 by default).
    4. Download the service for controlling reader operation at:
      Document Reader Web Service full package - it contains all required prerequisites and the SDK for a clean installation from scratch.
      Document Reader Web Service without prerequisites - it contains only the installer for updating the already installed service. The file should be placed in the folder containing the previously downloaded prerequisites.
    5. Unpack and run the installation package.  


      It is important that the package is unpacked before installation!

    6. Open the Computer Management panel by right-clicking This PC and selecting the Manage menu item.Manage.png
    7. When the installation is complete, Regula SDK Service Host Process should be displayed in the list of
    8. After the service is installed, you can find the examples of using the service with different technologies at  С:\Program Files\Regula\Samples\ or use web version of documentation http://localhost/regula.sdk.api.documentation/index or https://localhost/regula.sdk.api.documentation/index.
    9. To check the operation of the service, connect the reader to the PC and run the service.
    10. In case a device doesn't connect after a computer reboot, please make sure you've disabled the FastBoot option.
    11. Open one of these links in your browser https://localhost/regula.sdk.api.web/index.html or http://localhost/regula.sdk.api.web/index.html and then scan a document. The scanning results should be displayed on the opened web page.mceclip0.png

See the provided examples and documentation for details on integration using the web service (C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web Service\Documentation\).

SDK configuration settings of the local web service are stored in the following directory: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Regula\Document Reader SDK\RegulaReader.ini

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