Migration to the new Web API version

The new Web API version allows improving speed and quality of document image operating. We leave the ability to use both: deprecated and new request formats in the new Web API, it requires minimal changes on the customer side.

The new Web API supports 2 types of requests: 

  1. The old one - async, based on these requests:
    in this case, you just need to change the port number to 8080 (by default) in the request address.
  2. The new one – sync, which returns results in the same HTTP call as JSON.
    Example: POST request http://service_address:8080/api/process:
      "processParam": {
          "scenario": "FullProcess",
          "doublePageSpread": true
      "List": [
              "ImageData": {
                  "image": "image in base64"
            "light": 6,
              "page_idx": 0
    Healthcheck request: GET request to http://service_address:8080/api/ping, healthcheck result example:
    "app-name": "Regula Document Reader Web API",
       "license-id": "530668uc-697e-43ff-a696-55e9390553e4",
       "license-serial": "OL73582",
       "server-time": "2021-12-18 20:28:02.661749+00:00",
       "valid-until": "2021-11-12T00:00:00Z",
       "version": "5.9.147011.503"      

More info with the request description you find by this link.

To migrate from the old Web API version, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall old Web API
  2. Download and install new version Regula Document Web API(x64) or (х86) using Regula Download Manager:Screen1.jpeg
  3. Make sure the license file name is regula.license, otherwise, rename the SL*****.license file to regula.license. The license file is located in the C:\ProgramData\Regula\Licenses folder by default, but also can be stored in the "%Program Files%\Regula\Document Reader Web API\extBin\win_x86(x64)" folder with installed Web API.
  4. Restart Regula Document Reader Service:
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