Regula Document Reader Service fails to start


I can't start Regula Document Reader Service.


There are several solutions for such case:

  1. Make sure the license file name is regula.license, otherwise rename the *****.license file to regula.license. 
  2. Check a port you are using for your integration with WEB API is open and available.

The service base address by default is:

  • “” for HTTPS
  • “” for HTTP

You can change the port by manually editing the .env config file:

C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web API\.env for the 64 version
C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\Document Reader Web API\.env for the x86 version

Find a line DOCREADER_BIND=, and change IP address and port for desired.


For SDK version 6.4 and below, if you use a SL license without internet access you may experience extremely long read times of the document.

This causes the system to attempt to contact the licensing server in order to send statistics about the transaction, which will slow down the document processing. To solve this problem, change in mentioned above configuration .env file setting PROCESS_REPORT_TRANSACTIONS= to 0.

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