IRS server installation

To install the server version of IRS, a server and a client PC are required. Part of the software is installed on the server and another part is on the client PC. 

Downloading the IRS installation package:


Installing IRS on the server:

  • Open the downloaded folder and run the file autorun.exe.
  • In the opened window, select Server Installation and follow the instructions.


  • Once IRS is installed, open the standard Windows application Services. To do this, press Win+R. In the opened window, type services.msc and click OK.


  • Make sure that Regula IRS Data Service Autodocs Brief is up and running.


Downloading and installing the licensing service on the server:

  • Download the Regula Licensing Service installation package using Regula Downloads Manager (tab Other products -> Regula licensing service).
  • Install the downloaded Regula Licensing Service (this service is only installed on the server).
  • After installation, open the application Services.msc and make sure that Regula Licensing Service is running.

Installing IRS on the client PC:

  • Open the downloaded folder and run the file autorun.exe.
  • In the opened window, select Client Installation and follow the instructions.


Setting up a connection between the client PC and the local IRS server:

  • Run the Regula Licensing application (it is installed together with IRS) from the start menu and make sure that the Network dongle: XXXX tab is displayed in the application window, where XXXX is the serial number of the product license.
  • If the Network dongle: XXXX tab is not displayed, click on Settings on the right side of the panel in the Regula Licensing application and enter the server URL and port 31201: https://server_ip_address:31201


You can click the TEST button to make sure that a connection to the server is available.


  • When the installation is complete, run the Autodocs Brief application on the client PC (double-click the shortcut on the desktop) and check that it works properly.


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