Automated Installation of Information Reference Systems products

When installing Information Reference Systems software it is possible to specify command line parameters for fully unattended (silent) work with no window pop-ups or user input.

Installation package components

Information Reference Systems software is released as two executable files. As for example we will consider the installation process of Autodocs Brief:

  1. Regula Autodocs - 32-bit client software components.
  2. Regula Autodocs (x64) - 64-bit client software components.
  3. Regula Autodocs Brief Database - document templates database and data service (for both x86 and x64).

Client installation:

"Regula Autodocs.exe" /s /v/qn
  • "Regula Autodocs.exe" - 32-bit client.
  • "Regula Autodocs (x64).exe" - 64-bit client.

Database installation:

"Regula Autodocs Brief Database.exe" /s /v"/qn APP_NAME=\"Autodocs Brief\" DATA=\"D:\ProgramData\Regula\Autodocs Brief\Autodocs Brief\""
  • APP_NAME=\"Autodocs Forensic\" - the name of the installed product (can be Autodocs Brief, Autodocs Express, Autodocs Forensic)
  • DATA=\"D:\ProgramData\Regula\Autodocs Forensic\Autodocs Forensic\"" - database location. 


The samples of the installation files can be found by this link.

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