RFID: Access key incorrect Data


I get an RFID: Access key incorrect Data error when processing a document.


This error can appear when you try to open a document RFID chip with an improper access key. Usually, the access key is the MRZ string of the document or CAN (in the case of ID cards). Both these fields are printed on the document. If they are read improperly for some reason, it will not open RFID and result in this error.

The reasons for improper key include the following:

  1. Bad image quality (the document was moving during scanning). Make sure a document is placed correctly, and you are holding it still during the scanning process.
  2. Bad document quality (dirty, worn, bad print quality). Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved by technical methods.
  3. Sometimes in specimen documents, the MRZ or CAN may be printed improperly on purpose.
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